So anyway – last week’s little Haiku question. There were three responses:

LITF offered “I think it’s taken from a haiku: “You only live twice: once when you are born and once when you look death in the face” or something like that.”;

Sally-J suggested “Do I get a bonus point for saying that (according to Fleming) Bond’s Haiku doesn’t scan when translated into Japanese? Or is that knowledge just a little too sad… even for me???”

…and Stu – because he’s Stu – said “Actually, the pure Japanese form of Haiku does the … oh”.

The funny thing is, LITF’s quote – from Ian Fleming’s You Only Live Twice – was exactly right, something I only realised when I Googled the phrase to check my facts. I’d completely mis-remembered what happened, and in my mind Ken Tanaka praised Bond’s haiku and told him it did follow the haiku rules both in Japanese and English. So there we are :-)

Needless to say, Sally-J – being by her own admission a 007-obsessed qualified librarian – went above and beyond and knew all the detail!

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