You Only Live Twice

I did a London cache this evening which requires, not only that you find and log the cache, but that you include in your log a “Doctor, doctor” joke. My own effort was a bit feeble, but original – and if the cache owner has to read it, so do you:

Doctor, doctor, I
Can only express myself
in Haiku: Please help!

Wait your turn, young man.
These folk are just the same, so
queue, and form three lines.

And before anyone (Stu) says it, I know the pure Japanese form of Haiku does the 5/7/5 structure in a single line – but it’s an English joke so you get the English Haiku form!

I did another cache which was much easier and only required finding and logging :-)

Oh, and five points to anyone who can tell me (without recourse to Google), the relevance of today’s title. Sally-J gets the points automatically ‘cos I know she’ll know!

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