Late Night

At one o’clock this morning, I was both very tired, and a bit cheesed off.

A couple of weeks ago, m’lovely Purple Fred – whom I love very much – forwarded me an email inviting applications to be in the audience of a new TV quiz show. She couldn’t go but thought I might like to, so I banged an application in – and heard nothing more.

Until Thursday, when I had a phone call from Tessa at the production company asking if I was still available. I said yes, and after a few return calls to correct my email address, I had my ticket.

I arrived at TV Centre and the first person I saw was my mate Gerard – whom I hadn’t known was going to be there, so we had a quick conversation and then went in to sit in the BBC Audiences cafe for an hour or so. We were called through to the studio, where we sat for another age before recording started – apparently they were having a few technical problems. The programme was a pilot for a new comedy quiz called “Don’t Get Me Wrong”, and the presenter was Rhod Gilbert, a particular favourite of ours. Sadly being a pilot, you’ll never see it on TV – although if they do make it as a proper programme we apparently get invited back.

The main problem – and the reason I was later cheesed off – was that it over-ran by an hour: This left those of us from outside London with a sprint for the Central Line, to get back to our trains home. I didn’t think I was going to make the last train, but luckily there’s an 11:39 – which stops at every station and doesn’t get back until ten past one – hence my lateness, and my cheesed-offedness.

Still, it was fun, and I’ll apply to go again…I might have a backup accommodation in London plan ready though!

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