Parking Problems with Pungent Pong

My plans to produce an all-singing all-dancing photo blog of the weekend’s activities took a bit of a knock when I had a phone call today from the storage place where the caravan lives:

“Hello, Mr Gottle? Your caravan looks as if it was parked by Stevie Wonder, and it’s blocking the space next to it. Please come over this evening and put it right”

OK, she didn’t quite phrase it that way, but having gone back this evening and had a look, she’d have been justified if she had. So the caravan is nice and straight, and I’ve collected the sugar and toothpaste that I forgot to bring home last night, but with travelling there and back, I lost more than an hour of the evening, which wasn’t what I intended.

So to summarise the weekend:

Went to Krap-Fit1 to get a new tyre fitted on Evie B, after I found a nick in one of the treads that was spreading into the sidewall. Then collected the caravan, and in company with PF and MF went to the caravan site in Chertsey.
Where having set up, we went to a lovely local pub for a late lunch, and then spent the rest of the day geocaching, before returning to the caravan so one of our number could watch Who Wants to be a Dorothy?

The weather was vile and not forecast to get much better, so a day of indoor activity was decided upon: We drove into central London and visited Tate Modern, a gallery full of piles of dirty washing, and latex sheets covered in foam resin. Normally when we go somewhere like that, the joke is that PF looks at the art, and I look at the fire extinguishers – Tate Modern doesn’t have any fire extinguishers. Nuff said2. Luckily for me, there are still places where you can see what a magnificent piece of engineering this building is, so I didn’t miss the extinguishers too much. And if I’m honest, I’d have enjoyed it almost as much as PF and MF did if I hadn’t had a steaming headache I couldn’t shift!

And then – by request of MiniFred – we went to Hamleys, a huge toy store in Regent Street. Although PF and I agreed that it was much smaller than we both remembered it, from when we were taken there as wee ones. That was much more like it – and I have to confess, I could’ve spent a fortune there meself.

And then, we ended the day with a chinese takeaway :-)

The caravan site was emptying, so the wardens allowed us a late stay (you normally have to be off by midday, but if they’ve got room they often let you stay later). We played on the swings at the site for a while, then spent the morning doing a couple of caches chosen by PF before a pub lunch, packing up and going home.

I’ve missed out on some of the incidents of the weekend – like where at one cache, we were heading for the final location when an old man outside the pub said to his friend “Ooh look, geocachers” – and another where we were caught in a thirty second hailstorm, but suffice to say we had a nice weekend, had loads of freash air, and saw some new places.

1 If this doesn’t ring a bell, see this blog
2 If I was being uncharitable, I might suggest that this is because there’s nothing in there you’d bother saving if it was on fire

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