Long Week

It’s been “one of those weeks”

Monday went on a bit longer than normal – I had a ticket for a recording of a Radio 4 show at the Drill Hall. Which was OK except it went on so long (soooooo long) that by the time I got home and got to bed, it was half past midnight. I was less than chuffed when the alarm clock went off five hours later, I can tell you…

Then on Tuesday – as well as a full day’s work, including a full fire evacuation and subsequent investigation – I had to do the driving module of my minibus driver requalifier. It all went as well as it needed to, but it made another late night.

Then Wednesday would’ve been an early night if Black Books hadn’t been on Dave.

I’m hoping for an early night tonight, but as it’s a hospital radio night, it isn’t looking good…

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