My car is gleamingly clean :-)

That’s not totally true, but it’s needed a wash for a while – I’ve kept meaning to do it, but other more interesting important things have come along so it hasn’t been done.

So yesterday, I was driving back to PF’s from working on the caravan when I spotted that the local fire station were having a charity car wash. The two off-duty watches had come in and were cleaning cars, to raise money for the memorial fund for Alan Bannon and James Shears, two firefighters who died in a fire just up the road from where I live. That was a good enough cause to liberate some folding spondo from my wallet, so I joined the queue of cars going in.

Having given the fireman on the gate my money, I was still winding the window up when the first fire hose struck. The car had possibly the best rinse any car’s ever had, then it was on to the main wash: Five firemen with sponges and buckets. Then another rinse from two more fire hoses and I was on my way.

I was telling PF and a friend of ours about it last night – they both seemed to think what I’d paid was worth it for being surrounded by firemen, without getting the car cleaned as well.

And today, PF and I went geocaching in the New Forest and found my 1300th cache!

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