I’m home!

That is, at the time of writing this, I’m sitting in the departure lounge at Glasgow International Airport, but with the intermaweb at three quids for half an hour, I’m going to be back home before this appears online. This rather striking picture was taken in Renfrew – it’s Renfrew Town Hall – just up the road from the conference hotel, on my Saturday morning geocaching walk. And on which subject – sorry the quality of my pics are a bit carp, but they were taken on my phone: While I had a nice long weekend in Scotland, my proper camera – and my coat – had a nice long weekend at Purple Fred’s house. Oops. Bit of a packing malfunction by me there.

This is about a quarter of a mile from the hotel, alongside the Cart Water, a tributary of the Clyde. Those hills in the distance were the main feature of the view from my room, all rather nice really. There’s a path from the hotel which runs down alongside the river, and then up alongside the Clyde, until it gets to a little passenger ferry…

…or at least, it does at the moment – the local transport authority have taken away its subsidy, so it’ll run for the last time this Wednesday.

So that was conference weekend. Another year to the next one – I might not leave it till the last minute to book the minibus next time.

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