Today I have been mostly attending Firex South, the exhibition for the fire safety industry. And if you think that sounds dull…you should’ve been there! Even the quality of the freebies on the stands wasn’t up to much, although I did score a “quid on a keyring” trolley token, get another mouse mat and a packet of mints. Oh, and a fairly decent ballpoint pen.

Still, it was a nice day outside (which made being inside seem even more dull!) and the fact that the show was in an area I’d never visited before meant that on the walk from the railway station I bagged five caches – including this little beauty:

How many of us remember when 90% of caches looked like that, and micros were an occasional novelty?

Better still, also included in the five was another one just as well hidden as that, and a micro that showed how good a microcache can be – it was exactly right for the location, and drew attention to an interesting local curiosity that a visitor might otherwise miss.

A good day out – I think I might go back to Sandown Park.

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