Has anyone been following The Lakes on ITV lately?

I’ve been making an effort to get home on time on Mondays, so I can be showered and fresh to sit down and watch it. I’m just not sure why…

A couple of the episodes have featured the work of the mountain rescue teams, which was all very interesting and worth making the effort for, but the others have all been thinly disguised plugs for Lakeland businesses. We’ve followed an hotelier as he does various daft things raising money for charity – all very laudable, if the name of the hotel didn’t get far more attention than the name of the charity. And tonight we watched a pair of americans spend a night in a haunted mansion which isn’t even in the Lake District.

Much more fun, but still in the field of TV, was last Friday’s Eurovision offering. For those of you who missed it, a number of acts performed, and Pete Waterman (who has co-written the song that will be the British entry) chose three to go to the public vote. To put it nicely, some of the acts weren’t very good, and Waterman clearly covered his bum by picking the act he obviously wanted to win, and two rubbish ones that no-one in their right mind would have voted for.

You should’ve seen his face when one of the rubbish acts won the public vote :-)

It’s a shame really, as the song is quite good – at least in as much as it’s the kind of song that wins Eurovision.

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