I seem to have got my geocaching mojo back :-)

I solved the puzzles on the multicache Carry On – Follow That Camel aaages ago – and again last Summer when I realised I’d lost the original notes. But it was only this morning that I motivated myself to make the necessary diversion from my normal walk to work to find it.

And then, thanks to a tip-off from m’reader Jane, I discovered that the cache I couldn’t find on Monday, London Invasion had been reported missing last week. The owner doesn’t plan to replace the cache in the same place for a number of reasons, so he’s allowing logs from people who didn’t find it, as long as they can describe the location accurately enough to convince him they were looking in the right place. And I must’ve been convincing enough, because I got my permission to log today.

It’s a shame it’s gone missing because the trail that leads here is a good one, and an excellent example to new cache setters of how a multicache should be (for other excellent examples see any multi owned by Esscafe or Paws for Thought!). I wouldn’t normally log something I hadn’t found, but the fact that the cache owner had already let someone else do it, combined with that the cache definitely isn’t going to be replaced in the same place, made this look like fair game.

And then on the way home this evening I got Britain’s Largest Screen to complete the day’s hat trick :-)

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