Even Warmer Glow

Well firstmost – mega congrats to our chums Rockin’ Rob and Sally-J, who got engaged on Valentines Day. Aww! As they’ve now both blogged about it, I guess the news embargo is lifted :-)

And yes, as Sally has already blogged, the happy couple were at our murder mystery dinner party on Saturday, along with Jenny and Chris. You’ll remember Purple Fred – whom I love very much – gave me a murder mystery dinner party kit for Chrimbo, and on Saturday we assembled chez PF to find out whodunnit and why. And a good time was had by all, along with a good meal, thanks to PF’s catering skillz – and no-one drank any wine, so I’ve got two bottles to myself, as long as I get in before PF next hosts a committee meeting :-) .

We’re going to do the same event, with different friends, again soon.

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