Major Gadget

I was right! Unfortunately I can’t yet tell you what I was right about, but I was right about something. Details when the press embargo is lifted.

In other news…I bought a gadget. In fact no I didn’t…I bought a GADGET!!!!!!! To be exact, one of these.

Undoubtedly some of you will be wondering why I’ve bought a wireless video baby monitor…and no, it isn’t for the obvious reason. I had the towbar fitted to the car last week, and I’ve been thinking about a reversing camera – not for reversing, but for those occasions when I have to hook the caravan up without assistance, when being able to watch the towbar and caravan hitch from the driving seat makes life so much easier. But a reversing camera – coming in at a minimum of £150 fitted – is an expensive option for the handful of times a year I’d use it.

Then, in the “Readers’ Top Tips” section of a caravan magazine, somebody was saying how he’d bought a video baby monitor to solve a different problem – that of being able to see behind the caravan when reversing. Suitably inspired, I had a quick Google and placed an order.

So I now have my multi-purpose gadget: I can use it as described for hitching up, then take it round the back of the caravan and test the lights, while sitting in the driving seat. And then I can hang it looking out of the caravan back window while towing…

And I’m sure I can find some non-caravanning uses for it as well!

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