There’s something about train travel that’s been puzzling me…

When the train pulls into the station, the guard opens the nearest door to him, gets out and looks up and down the platform. When he’s satisfied, he unlocks all the other doors and the people can get on and off.

The thing is…what’s he looking for? I can understand him checking before he shuts the doors, to make sure he’s not shutting anyone’s leg in or something, but unless he’s looking out for Ghengis Khan and his ravening hordes about to invade the train, I can’t see what he’s checking for before he opens them.

Peter Hedgehog – I look to you for sensible suggestions. And everyone else – I’m relying on you for some daft ones.

In other news, PF (whom I love very much) and I have been working on the website for her amateur dramatic group. It’s still nowhere near ready, but there is at least a holding page there now with a bit of information. So in an attempt to start the page moving up the Google ranking, why not click on this link and see what we’ve done so far. In fact, why not click on it lots of times?

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