First Class!

I had a bit of a result on the train this morning.

My normal train from Southampton was cancelled – as were the ones before and after – because of power supply problems nothing was moving eastwards across the New Forest. We were all advised to cram ourselves into a local shuttle going to Southampton Parkway, from where we could catch a train that started from there – meaning that it wouldn’t be rammed full, and nor would it be affected by the engineering issues.

Riding the shuttle, I formulated my plan: Southampton Parkway has a long platform, and most people congregate near the centre: by moving right to the end I’d easily get on the train, and win the inevitable race for seats caused by three or four trains worth of people trying to get on.

The best laid plans of mice…Parkway was rammed solid with people, there was barely space to get behind the yellow line, but I thought I may as well stick to the original plan: I got on the second coach from the front (the first one that isn’t first class), and lost the seat race. Figuring that being cheeky never hurt anyone, I asked the guard if he was planning to de-rate first class – they do sometimes when the train is packed – and was told “If you can find a seat in first class sir, then I’ll give it to you”.

So I got a free seat in first class, and some heavy dirty looks from people who later got on the train who’d paid for first class tickets, and had to stand ;-)

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