I promised to fill you in on my fabby weekend.

Well it started in ordinary enough fashion, putting up a couple of security lights at my Mum’s house, although the fact that I achieved a DIY task without something irritating going wrong is actually quite an achievement. And then – at long last – I sorted out the roofbox I bought for my car just before Christmas. I’m glad I didn’t get the next size up, it’s as far forward on the roof rails as it can go, and it still clears the tailgate by millimetres!

Much of the rest of the weekend was spent writing a website for m’lovely Purple Fred (whom I love very much): Not the most pleasant task and my eyes are now the shape of a computer screen, but it needed doing and now it’s done, and I’m quite pleased with the result.

Then on Sunday – after lunch at our new favourite pub – me and PF and MiniFred had a brilliant afternoon at the InTech science centre – which if you’ve never seen it is like all the best bits of the Science Museum under one roof, with all the things you’re not allowed to touch taken away. There’s also a pretty groovy planetarium, complete with reclining seats, where we enjoyed a guided tour of the solar system. The best bit of that for me was when Jupiter rolled close overhead, filling the sky and probably being as close as a one-eyed person can get to experiencing 3D.

The main bit of the centre has various quotes from people in science, dotted around the place: Check out this one, and who said it:

Since the only person with my surname that I’ve ever found in a history book was a murderer who survived being hanged (and cropped up in a Christmas quiz last year, enabling me to impress PF’s parents with my knowledge of arcane trivia), it’s quite a relief to know I share the name with someone whose only claim to fame is in saying some fairly ordinary daft things :-)

UPDATE: According to Wikipedia, as well as some reliable sources, cousin Charlie never said that, it’s an urban myth. Ah well…

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