In last night’s rather confused rambling, I promised you a picture from my travels. And here it is.


That’s a combined smoke detector and fire alarm sounder, and was in the hotel room I stayed in Tuesday night. And it’s another sign of the cheap wine I mentioned yesterday, that I didn’t notice it until the morning – bearing in mind what I do for a living, that would normally have caught my eye straight away.

The problem, of course, is that that poly bag is kinda affecting the smoke detection capability of the device – so what’s the point? Well since it wasn’t me who put it there I don’t know, but I’ve got three hypotheses –

  1. A previous resident was having a crafty fag and didn’t want to set the alarm off
  2. Since the detector is right outside the nathroom, the staff were fed up with steam setting off the alarm (but only if it’s a tyndall beam detector obviously, because an ionisation detector wouldn’t be affected by steam)
  3. The alarm was faulty, and this was an easy way of stopping it (which if the detector is truly faulty, wouldn’t work)

After my discussion with the manager, I suspect it isn’t still there now.

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