I’ve been away.

More specifically, I’ve been in the far and frozen north of this fair land of ours, visiting our regional offices for health and safety purposes, and finding a geocache. And in the interests of not hauling around any more than I needed to, I left the laptop at home, which is why I’ve had a blogging holiday.

And while I know it’s called the frozen north, I was surprised that there was actual ice floating on the canal! I was walking down alongside this canal in the hope of finding a cache, you see, and couldn’t help noticing the decidedly solif crystalline nature of the surface of the water. And then I got to the next quaint little nothern town on my itinerary, where I was even more surprised by how much I slipped and slid around on the frost on my way back from the fish and chip restaurant – although the fact that wine’s a fiver a bottle there might have contributed to that.

I took a couple of good photos I wanted to share with you while I was away…and when the computer and the camera are in the same place, I will. Maybe tomorrow.

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