It’s been a busy couple of days…

Since I last blogged, I’ve visited the Midlands, where I visited our chums Jenny and Chris and their cats – including the fine and gentlemanly Harry; we had a carvery meal out and came joint first in a pub quiz. All of which DIDN’T leave me time to fix Jenny’s blogging problems, so the Sybil Baggins blog is still off air (thanks to those of you who enquired…Jenny’s fine, it’s just the technology that’s giving issues).

Jenny’s promised to email me a blog entry soon so I can post it on her blog for her. There may even be Egypt pictures.

I’ve also had the legs on my new dinner suit shortened, and mastered the art of hand-tying a bow tie. On which subject – my mentions of dinner suit buying inspired a few comments! Lord Hutton asked:
“A DJ? What’s wrong with a charity shop?”
Charity shops are fine for buying pre-loved items and supporting charities, but for a posh evening out a dinner suit fits much better.
Marie asked:
“Will you be modeling it at conference”
Oh yes!
And the excellent Sally-J remarked…
“Just remember, if all else fails you can get the clip on variety… PF need never know! ;)
Oh yes she would!

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