Family Matters

In a week already brimming with excitement, yesterday was exciting too!

M’lovely Purple Fred – whom I love very much – and I went to Teddington studios to see a recording of hit BBC comedy My Family. Only four of the cast were actually there – the actor who plays Kenzo has to work restricted hours because of his youngness, so all the scenes with him in had been pre-recorded. But we still got Ben and Susan, Mike and Roger, and we had an entertaining time. And I have to say we were better looked after than audiences at the Radio Theatre get, although the Radio Theatre has much more comfortable seats :-)

The only less-than-brilliant bit of the experience was eating in the pub next to the studios – if you’re planning on eating there any time in the next month I’d recommend ordering now. Even then, once the food came it was pretty good, and the pub don’t seem to mind their car park being clogged by TV audiences.

I think that’s something we might do again.

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