Too Much Excitement

I titled yesterday’s entry “Exciting” – and then didn’t really tell you anything that explained why I was excited. Sorry about that. And sorry Lois, but if I told you, I’d have to chew my own leg off – which on the face of it is a fine way to lose weight, but then consuming that much prime beefcake would mean I’d immediately put it back on again – so I won’t, if it’s all right with you.

What I can tell you is that it’s so exciting that I had trouble getting to sleep last night. Every time I was about to drop off, I was yanked back to consciousness by, among other things, the prospect of buying a dinner suit (the one in the picture is rented). I was looking forward to my hour’s kip on the train.

So it was a bit of a shame that as I arrived at the station – with 15 minutes in hand – the platform staff were shouting “Anyone for London Waterloo, get on this one” – “this one” being the 6:15 CrossCountry service to Manchester Piccadilly. Apparently our train had been cancelled because of emergency engineering works, so we all had to pile on this one and change at Basingstoke. So no kip – and no seat for part of the trip :-(

Has anyone tried those Red Bull shots? I was struck firstly by how much the container looks like the doctor’s sample pots – and then by the similar appearance of the contents. It didn’t taste too bad, though.

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