Christmas Presence

No, that isn’t a mis-spelling – it’s meant to be a pun.

Not a very good one, as today’s offering is indeed about Chrimbo pressies. Now I know Christmas isn’t (mainly) about pressies, or grub, or booze…I’m a Christian, of course I know that…but it has to be said I did especially well for pressies this year. Among the highlights were…

From M’lovely Purple Fred (whom I love very much), A murder mystery dinner party kit – all you need to put on your own murder mystery dinner party, apart from food, a venue, and six friends! Luckily we can resource those added items between us, so an evening of fun in the near future seems assured!

(PF and I nearly bought each other the same DVD – luckily the Michael McIntyre one was out of stock where I shopped, so we’ve got a Michael and a Rhod Gilbert between us, instead of two Michaels!).

From My Luvvly Mum, a totally lush dressing gown – it’s so thick and velevety and lush I feel like Noel Coward in the original Italian Job. Or in anything else he was in, really.

From the fabby Rockin’ Rob and his lovely Sally-J, a pillow with a built-in speaker. Designed so you can listen to music late at night without stressing your partner, I’ve combined it with an old cordless headphone set (to avoid trailing cables) for in-bed TV viewing without keeping awake the person whose bed is on t’other side of the wall!

…and loads of other stuff, like a good range of books and a book token, a head massager for those stressful times, more chocolate and alcohol than is really good for me, and a quantity of dosh that has already translated into a new walking pole (to replace the one I lost in the Lake District) and a new flight case for my gadgets :-) .

Oh, and PF booked our holiday today. Looks good…shame it’s six months away really!

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