Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

One of the headlines in someone else’s Daily Wail this morning referred to “Love Rat Tiger Woods” – which reminded me of something I meant to blog about before.

What’s the big deal with Tiger Woods? OK, he has – to put it mildly – put himself about a bit. But while that’s sad news for his family – and I don’t underestimate how sad – I don’t see why the press are so facinated. He’s not an MP or a church leader – where some sort of moral rectitude might be reasonably expected – he’s just a bloke who’s very very good at his job. If he was a really good accountant, or lorry driver, or TV repairman, no-one would care what he’s been up to, but because his job is something that people like to watch, his private life – and his family’s woes – become public property.

I feel sorry for the family, but their woes are increased, not decreased, by the publicity. Leave them alone to sort it out. And fill the papers with real news.

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