A Little Calmer

So, apart from buying a new car (see below), what else have I been doing today? Well, not much really. I stayed in bed late-this is increasingly becoming a Saturday habit as weekdays stetch, starting earlier and finishing later. Then I went to the car sales place which I’d previously earmarked as being a good one to get my new diesel-guzzler from, and picked and test-drove a car. Came home and phoned the insurance company, to see how much extra the new car would cost, then after lunch went back and put a deposit on it. It should be ready to collect next Saturday.

Ever since I passed my driving test, I’ve always wanted a big meaty ****-off four wheel drive. I’ve never had one before, because I could never afford one nice enough to be used as an everyday car, and there isn’t room around here to keep a second, hobby-only car. But at long last, thanks to a succession of pay rises, the fact that I don’t smoke, barely drink, and don’t often have foreign holidays, and the habit the Japanese have of sending their used cars to the UK cheap, my dream car is mine…or at least, it will be in a weeks time.

And I’ve made no progress yet on stripping the gadgets out of the Primera.

Spent the evening taking part in “Test the Nation” on the telly: If I’m not too ashamed I may share my score with you in a later blog.

And to save you scrolling down too far, those pics of the car are here and here

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