Blog. Grr.

As you’ll see, I’ve dug out the Chrimbo header picture!

The observant among you will have noticed that GottleBlog vanished for 24 hours over the weekend: I’d decided that being able to blog by email would be useful, and might mean fewer long gaps between posts. There’s a plugin for WordPress which makes this possible (without using Cron jobs, which I’ve never really been able to sort out), but needs a higher version of WordPress than I have. So I upgraded to the latest version.

Which – no matter what I tried – didn’t work. The site insisted that a file didn’t exist, although I knew I’d uploaded it, and it showed up in FireFTP. So I tried going back to the old version, and that didn’t work either. In the end I had to do a total re-install, and restore of the database which I’d fortunately backed up just before starting the process.

I’ve got loads I need to tell you – about blood tests, and Tiger Woods, and loonies, and buying laminate flooring. But once again, that’ll all have to wait.

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