…or, filled fulla holes.

I had my swine flu jab this evening. I get priority treatment because I’m very important diabetic, and therefore would suffer worse than non-diabetic people if i did get the swine fever. After the doc had injected me, he warned me of all the possible side effects of the vaccine – none of which, to be fair, are as bad as swine flu.

Then on Monday, I had my annual diabetic review with nursey at the surgery, and she stuck a needle in me to take a blood test. I did ask her if, while she had the needle in, she could shove the swine flu vaccine in, but apparently it’s not that easy. To do swine flu jabs requires a proper appointment, a waiting room full of witnesses, and an hour off work.

And a couple of weeks back, I had the ordinary seasonal flu jab. My poor arm feels a bit like a pincushion, and has a big bruise on it. Bah.

Still, my cholesterol is totally in the “good” zone, so that’s nice.

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