I had a long list of things I had to do this evening, not least of which was watch Spooks. Then, about thirty seconds after I was out of the shower, the power cut started.

That ruled out laminating the paperwork for this weekend, and meant I was restricted in internet jobs by the amount of life left in the laptop battery. Actually it was worse than that – the loss of power had taken out the router, so I was restricted to the low-bandwidth jobs I could do using the mobile phone for internet connection.

Except the power cut had also taken out the local cell – or at least, its GPRS capability – so for over an hour this evening I had NO INTERNET. OK, so I had no lights, TV, kettle or microwave, but NO INTERNET! Can you imagine it? It was like medieval times or something!

And then the power came back on, I watched the second half of Spooks, and now I’m working my way down the jobs list.

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