Murder Most Agreeable

Last weekend, PF and I were feeling a bit Winter-blues-ish: a variety of things had stopped us going geocaching lately, weather has generally kept us indoors and we haven’t managed as much “us time” as we’d like: we resolved that this weekend, we’d do something to make us giggle.

So we headed for a murder mystery weekend in a quaint old country hotel. PF has done a couple of these before but it was a new experience for me, and what fun we had. Over the weekend there were three murders, a quiz, a talent contest, a posh dinner and of course a denouement where the identities of the crims were revealed and prizes awarded to those who’d guessed closest.

Our fellow detectives were an interesting mix: One couple were really into it, interrogating all the characters, and eventually winning first prize for the best solution. Another chap was the “computer nerd’s computer nerd” – so much so that I wondered briefly if he was a secret “character” rather than a participant, but no, that was his real personality. He insisted that one character had to be the murderer, based on a really obscure bit of computer knowledge that only that character would’ve known. The fact that the scriptwriter for the mystery wouldn’t have known it didn’t seem to trouble him. Oh, and there was an apple juggler (a pretty good one) and a tae-kwan-do exponent as well.

All of which inspires me to share this excellent joke with you:
Where do you go to recruit a private detective?
The Ideal Holmes Exhibition

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