Ratty Ratty Bang Bang

M’luvvly Purple Fred and I have just enjoyed a real fabby weekend, which I’ll tell you about tomorrow when I’ve got my thoughts together and had a few hours sleep! In the meantime here’s something I didn’t get time to tell you last week…

We had some IT problems at work last week. We lost all IT contact with our regional offices, leading to a day of mass confusion and stress for the communications boys. We had outside engineers working in the server rooms (with the associated stress and extra work for the Security team), and in the end one of the engineers diagnosed that some muppet digging a hole to mend the drains had sliced a fibre optic cable.

It turned out to be not quite that simple. There were no drain works anywhere on the cable run between us and the exchange.

Luckily, when the outside engineers turned up with their test equipment and their spanners, it turned out to be a problem they’d seen before. When fibre optic cables were first used for telecommunications, they were steel sheathed, presumably to stop them being sliced by muppets mending the drains. But the moderm ones are sheathed in a Kevlar material, intended to serve the same purpose but without making the cable inflexible. The problem is, apparently, that London’s rats have learned how to tease the Kevlar fibres out of the shielding, and once enough shielding is gone, the weight of a rat sitting on top is enough to rupture a fibre optic cable. The rats use the fibres for nesting material.

So, in an amazing demonstration of Darwinism, London’s rats are now making bulletproof nests.

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