Going Home

I told you yesterday about the fun I had at the BBC Radio Theatre on Monday night: I didn’t tell you about the fun I had going home.

In theory it should’ve been easy: a short walk to Oxford Circus tube, then four stops down the Bakerloo line to Waterloo – it’s once you get to Waterloo that the fun starts. Network Snail have spent shed loads of cash on a new tunnel from the underground station direct to the platforms, so you can go straight to your train without mingling with the hoi polloi on the concourse. And to make sure this expen$ive facility stays in good condition, it’s locked off 20 hours a day.

So, I arrived at Waterloo expecting the tunnel to be shut, and one entrance to it was – but round the corner there was an open gate, even equipped with a “To The Trains” sign. I set off down the tunnel – wondering briefly why I was the only one – and discovered that all the doors leading to the surface were locked. Further and further I roamed – at one point I think I was under the Imperial War Museum – before finally locating an exit via the Jubilee Line platforms. It was the furthest I’d walked all day…

Christmas Watch: The Jewel in the Crown, and Sitar’s Indian Cuisine, both have their Christmas decs up.

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