101 Things To Do with Peanut Butter

Tonight’s blog subject was suggested by SimonG in the world’s fabbest chatroom, when I confessed I was struggling to come up with a subject.

Anyway – it reminded me of a friend of a friend who was having mouse problems in her house. Someone tipped her off that peanut butter was a good thing to bait mousetraps with. As she didn’t like it, she had to go and buy some specially, and found herself in the Sainsbo’s Peanut Butter aisle wondering “Now would they prefer crunchy or smooth?”. So there’s one.

Other than eating it, that’s about all I can think of to do with peanut butter. Actually, there are a couple of other things, but this blog is meant to be for all-age reading, and who knows, we don’t want to corrupt the Milk Monster before she’s even old enough to read.

Ooh, I’ve just thought of another one, although this is probably a subsection of “eating it”: next time Simon is making home-made pizzas, he could experiment with peanut butter instead of tomato puree in the topping. In fact that’s given me an idea…

Hmm. Bit sticky and sickly, but I think might have another one later…possibly without the anchovies next time.

So, to summarise:
1) Bait mousetraps with it
2) Eat it conventionally
3) Use it instead of tomato in a pizza
4 and 5) Suitable only for X-rated blogs.

There we are, five things to do with peanut butter. And if you convert five (decimal) into binary, I think you’ll find I’ve achieved the assignment. So if you’ll excuse me, i’m off to try a peanut-butter-and-strawberry-jam flavoured pizza.

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