Merry Christmas Everybody

…But first, Me asked yesterday “I have to ask…what’s the four-digit hex number at the top of the page?” Don’t know, because I’m not seeing it – is anyone else?

Anyway, since Tuesday, when I was told I was being a bit premature for starting on my Christmas cards, I have:

  1. Received my first Christmas card of the year
  2. Seen the first Christmas lights of the year (on the roof of Pimlico Plumbers just outside Waterloo)
  3. Seen the first Santa hat of the year (on Waterloo Bridge on Wednesday)
  4. Seen the first party of drunken revellers in Christmas costumes (on the Aldwych on Thursday)
  5. Seen the first Christmas tree in a public building (in the courtyard at Somerset House)

And five weeks today is Boxing Day…Happy New Year!

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