So, I told you yesterday that I’d bought a new camera.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while. My Nikon is starting to show signs of wear, and makes some horrible grinding noises whenever the lens moves. Plus of course, the 5 megapixel resolution that was pretty good when I bought it, looks like pretty stone-age technology now!

My requirements were:

  1. Within budget…well, duh!
  2. Runs on AA batteries – I know not every photographer agrees with this one, but in the last year alone I’ve had three cases of battery-induced stress, which wouldn’t have happened if I could’ve gone into a shop and said “Please sell me some batteries”
  3. Compact size – again I know that this tends to be a bit of a trade-off with quality, but if I’ve learned anything at all about photography it’s that a camera you’ve got with you gets better pictures than a camera you’ve left at home.
  4. Preferably use SD cards for storage, as I’ve got loads of those already – if not, at least something that’ll plug straight into my computer without an adaptor

Within these broad basics, initially the Fuji Finepix S1500 seemed to offer a decent specification for the budget, but some of the online reviews were disappointing. Comments from those reviews eventually lead me to the Canon SX120 IS.

I’ve only taken a few indoor shots so far – I’m not exposing it to the world until the belt pouch and screen protector I’ve ordered have arrived. In the meantime, these at least give an idea of the zoom range…

Full wide angle

Full zoom

And here’s a full-size crop of a zoomed picture, showing resolution: It comes from the rabbit’s ear just left of centre.

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