So, Last Night of the Proms last night, eh? I’d like to meet the engineer responsible for the sound mix for the television feed. I’d like to take him to Byfleet to meet Henry and his Big Gun. And in case that engineer happens to be reading this: I know that audience participation is all part of the LNOTP, but it’s traditional that we should be able to hear the orchestra. Oh, and the commentator – I know that most of what Titchmarsh was saying was a load of old toffee, but either turn his mike off, or turn it up so we can hear it.

Yesterday was an exciting day: There’s a huge set of roadworks on the road that leaves Southampton heading West. They’ve been there since May, and were recently extended to cover a further stretch of the road. There’s a totally unneccessary 30 MPH limit in force (it’s normally 50 MPH), complete with tax camera. Anyway, what’s exciting is that heading out that way yesterday, I actually saw someone working! OK, it was only a man picking up litter, but it’s the first time I’ve seen anyone doing anything there at all since the roadworks started. And we’ve got another two months of this.

Note to Southampton Council: If you actually got a few blokes working there, maybe you could take away the stupid cones and ridiculous speed limit a bit sooner. Or maybe they’re making too much moolah from the cameras…

And on the subject of notes to the council, I must write to Totton Town Council and tell them about this illegal sign I spotted during the week. Yep, contrary to the regulations (I can’t be ostriched to look up exactly which regs), it shows a height restriction in metric without accompanying imperial measurement. If I wanted to live in wombatting Brussels, I’d move there.

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