Today was one of those days when you’re well enough to get out of bed, but not well enough to go to work – although I have to say I woke up at about thre o’clock this morning with a back pain too severe to move, even the distance necessary to get my back pain tablets. Hmm. Hope that doesn’t happen tonight, I’ve e-mailed my boss to tell her I’ll be in tomorrow.

Anyway, I haven’t wasted my day on daytime TV – I have:

Finished the Lake District Cachepedition webpage

Updated my caravan’s blog to show all the trips it’s done to date (including a rather fabby Eddie Stobart picture)

Sorted out the transfer of my old number to my new mobile phone – on which note, I’ll probably lose phone service for most of changeover day, which ought to be Thursday this week. If you need to get hold of me between 9 and 5 that day, use the work phone number if you have it – otherwise try both old and new numbers. Hopefully after 6 PM Thursday, the old number – the one ending 748 – will be the only one.

Eaten enough to prove my appetite has returned

Listened properly to Black and White by amazing Southampton-based prog rock guru Lee Abraham all the way through.

OK, I did watch Eggheads but I still think I’ve achieved a bit.

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