I was at my Mum’s house for the “trick or treat” hours this evening.

I know opinions vary on trick or treat, and I’m expecting a variety of comments, but one way or t’other it isn’t going away, and it doesn’t seem to do any harm – certainly around our way the participants are polite and have put effort into their costumes, so it’s a fun evening for them.

Anyway, the bell rang, I opened the door and it was the little girl from over the road, escorted by her Mum: I complemented her on her costume, gave her a mini bag of sweets from the stock my Mum had laid in for the purpose, and they went on their way. Half an hour later the bell went again, this time with three slightly older children. They got a bag of sweets each – which they refused.

“Sorry, we’re not allowed sweets, but thanks anyway, goodnight”

Have they missed the point a bit?

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