Yesterday afternoon I had a fiddle with the ham radio gear in the car.

This is good news, as one of the radios that hadn’t worked for a while, now works again – turned out it was a connection-to-the-aerial problem. This now means that my “where am I???? works again.

For those of you who don’t already know, the radio referred to above is connected to the GPS in the car: As I’m driving around, it “beacons??? my position once a minute (it doesn’t beacon at all when I’m stationary). These beacons are picked up by suitably equipped radio hams whose computers then display my position – and that of loads of other radio hams who use the system – on a map on the screen. You’re probably asking yourself “Why? What’s the point????. I guess like most hobbies, the answer is that there is no point other than “Because I can???!

One radio ham, cleverer with software than most of us, has written a website where folks without ham radio access can keep an eye on thoseof us who have the beacons. To check out my latest position, go here, then follow the “here for Europe??? link.

Note that the system isn’t perfect – it’s run by a bunch of busy people who do it for a hobby and have other priorities – but it’s generally accurate enough. When I get a minute I’ll stick a link up on the left hand side of this page.

And in other news…thanks to Jenny for e-mailing me the name generator. This is an Excel spreadsheet into which you type your full name, and it tells you what your ideal job should be. Apparently I’m going to be a porn star (or if you leave out my middle name, a sewage worker). Omally is a Nice Old Man, and Miss Sixty, depending which version of her name you use, is either an astronaut, a jungle explorer or the village idiot. Once she marries Adam, she’ll simply be unemployable.

Anyway, it’s all a load of monkey – if this is to be believed, SimonG is “Emperor of the Whole World???.

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