Well, I’ve ordered my new mobile phone.

I looked at iPhones – but to be honest, all the things an iPhone can do, I don’t really need a phone to do. OK, it would be fun to have a phone that’s got all those apps, but not enough to make it worth the extra cost. I also considered a Blackberry – the technology is old enough to be pretty de-bugged and some of the features could be useful, but then I remembered that people use them on the train as a badge of honour – “Look how important I am, I can’t afford to be out of e-mail contact for even a moment”. I’m not that important and don’t want to be.

So I settled on a Nokia 6303. It has the same features as the Sony Ericsson it’s replacing, it has the lowest proportion of negative user reviews, and it was free. And I should have it tomorrow.

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