Change of Plan

Tonight’s entry could be subtitled So much for that idea.

In last week’s piece about mobile phones, I commented “To cut to the chase, it looks like the best phone for what I want, within a price bracket I’m prepared to pay, is the three-year-old one I’ve already got.” That was before the events of this weekend.

One of PF’s cats likes to drink out of glasses of water – and she seems to have a particular liking for the one I leave on the bedside table overnight. Since I’m not partial to taking my morning tablets with a glass half-full of cat slobber, I normally cover it with PF’s alarm clock, which is heavy enough to not get knocked off the top of the glass, and exactly the right size to fit. Unfortunately this morning we had to be up at stupid o’clock to go to a boot sale and the alarm clock was needed, so I cast around for something else.

My mobile phone was handy, and just the right size to go over the top of the glass. And the water in the glass was just the right size to totally submerge the phone, when it fell in! I fished it out straight away, and took the battery out, but even now the display isn’t working properly and a couple of the buttons don’t work – specifically the make call/answer call button, the end call button, and the number six.

I’ll be researching new phones again tomorrow. In the meantime my SIM card – which does still work – is in my Mum’s new phone and she’s using the old spare one. So now it’s me that’s got the phone that’s “ideal for the elderly”

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