More Money

Having failed to pay the council some money online yesterday, I also had to pay Purple Fred some wonga. The reason for this is a blog entry on its own, but we’ll say for now that she’d paid my gym membership and I had to pay her back.

That at least would be fairly easy: I’ve been doing e-banking for some time; I’d paid her some money online recently, and the bank website has a “pay someone I’ve paid before” option – all I had to do was log in, select that option, click on “Purple Fred” and give her the money.

Except her name didn’t appear in the drop-down list. The payment I made recently was on the statement, so I know it went through, but without any useful details that would enable me to make the payment, like an account number. The only thing for it was to go back to the beginning and choose the “pay someone new” option.

“You have been logged out for suspicious operation”

Charming. Luckily – unlike the council payment – I got it sorted in the end. But why can’t online payments – or anything else for that matter – be easy?

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