I had to pay some money online today.

My Mum’s fridge/freezer died in a rather terminal way: Luckily it’s insured, so she took herself straight round to her favourite electrical shop and ordered a new one, secure in the knowledge that the insurance company already had a cheque in the post. Then she came home and phoned the council to arrange for the old one to be taken away…

The taking-away, of course, has to be paid for, so she agreed with the nice council lady on the phone that as soon as I got in, I’d pay online. That was never going to work, as the nice council lady didn’t give her a reference number or anything, but I had a brave attempt. When that predictably failed, I started from scratch and booked a new collection online. That all worked OK until I got to the bit where I had to pay for it.

The website crashed.

So we’re probably going to get two lorries turning up, to collect two fridge freezers, and neither collection has been paid for. It can only get more interesting from here.

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