Ring Ring

I’ve taken a brave plunge into the big scary world of mobile phones.

My Mum needed a new phone, which was what prompted this courageous step by me: she really wanted a simple one that just did phone calls and texts, with none of the posh bells and whistles like cameras and MP3 players. I found her one with nice big buttons and an easy-to-read display, although she’s a bit dischuffed that it’s advertised as being ideal for the elderly – she’s only in her seventies for goodness sake!

While I was sorting out the mobile communication technology, I had a look at getting one for me. I’ve had my current one for nearly three years so I must be due an upgrade. I want mainly phone and texting, with an occasional look at the internet and taking the odd photo – but it’s never going to be my main camera or internet tool, so doesn’t have to be hugely good at these things.

I spotted one that I thought would do the job – but then read some user reviews and decided against it. To cut to the chase, it looks like the best phone for what I want, within a price bracket I’m prepared to pay, is the three-year-old one I’ve already got. I will be changing provider – I can get some excellent cheap call deals if me, Purple Fred and my Mum are all on the same network – so I’ll just get my phone unlocked and put a new SIM in.

I haven’t decided whether to keep the old number: I’ve had it a long time and it would be a bit of a pain to have to tell everyone I know a new number. But a lot of people have that number who I’d prefer not to – I still get calls from dodgy salesmen I last had contact with in my previous job – so it might be worth the effort.

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