That’s Entertainment

In the space of three days I’ve been to the theatre in London’s West End, and to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster.

On Thursday, the lovely PF and I went and saw Avenue Q in London: we’d heard varying reports, and we were a bit concerned that some people had said they make jokes about subjects that we didn’t really think should be joked about. The posters – never a reliable source of information I suppose – said things like “Pant wettingly funny” and “We laughed so much we nearly died”. Well we’re both still alive and neither of us wet our pants, but I don’t think either of us stopped laughing all the way through. Yes, they touch on virtually every touchy subject there is – two of the songs are called “Everyone’s a little bit racist” and “I’d still be your friend even if you were gay”, but it’s all handled in a way that makes you think “Actually…yeah”, and I think you’d have to be exceptionally easy to offend to find anything not to like.

Having said that – don’t be fooled by the fact that half of the characters are puppets. In the middle of the first act there’s an amazingly funny sex scene with two of the puppets, and this definitely ain’t a show for the little ones!

This afternoon we went to the latest Pixar epic, Up. I learned – as I’d always expected – that when you’ve only got one eye, a 3D movie looks just like 2D, and I’m not really sure what age group it’s aimed at: It’s obviously mostly a rollocking adventure suitable for all ages, but there’s a couple of bits that younger folk would either not understand, or be upset by. Having said that, no-one anywhere near me seemed disturbed by it, so maybe I’m worrying too much. Either way, I enjoyed it, and so did the people of all ages in our party.

I’m involved in something theatrical this Thursday too…there may or may not be bloggage.

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