Food Glorious Food

Something Carol said in her blog last night reminded me of an embarrassing occurrence a couple of years back.

I went into KFC with my friend Jenny, who was giving me a good telling-off for eating too many takeaways – I have to admit I was eating a lot more in those days than I do now, but not to an excessive amount. I was explaining this non-excessiveness to Jenny when we got to the front of the queue and the counter assistant rather demolished my defence:
Evening Paul, usual three-pieces-and-regular-fries is it????

Two weeks later and by coincidence we were going into a Chinese takeaway: This was Jenny’s first takeaway since the KFC, but I suspect it wasn’t mine. Anyway, needless to say I was getting a good nagging again about my culinary lifestyle, with the KFC incident rolled in as extra ammunition. Any thoughts I may have had about protesting my innocence were toppled by the guy taking orders:
Ah, Missah Duell, is sweet and sour chicken wiv boiled rice, yeah????

As I said, I don’t eat anywhere near as much takeaway now.

Meanwhile, I’m not now on a diet, but I am trying to be a bit more sensible about what I eat: I’m starting this campaign by reducing my chocolate intake. Since last Thursday, compared to my usual weekday- and weekend-chocolate intake, I’ve eaten 11 bars less: That’s probably the equivalent of four extra visits to the gym! I have a feeling my trousers are just a little looser today…

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