It Takes a While

You’ll have noticed that blogging has been a bit touch and go lately.

I’ve been spending most of my spare on-line time sorting out the gallery page for the Lakes Cachepedition 2009 – rest assured it should arrive soon. Although I’ve got a stack of stats I’ve promised to produce for someone by the end of this week, plenty of gadgets to install in Evie (including the rather fab roof bars which arrived today) and some equally fab time away. So maybe the gallery isn’t going to be forthcoming all that soon :-)

Then of course there’s tending my Farmville farm…I know it’s a bit daft but I love the way the animals jump up and down when you pet them…

This evening I renewed my prescription season ticket on line. I bought my first one last year when I’d just gone on to three different tablets a day, and it was just about worth having. Now I’m on six different tablets a day and it’s definitely a saving :-) But why is it so complicated? The form is two pages long, and asks for information that no-one knows about themselves – and if they’re me, can’t remember where the bit of paper is that they wrote it down on.

I’ll stop ranting now. There may be another Evie blog tomorrow.

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