Home, Home on the Range

My luvvly new car, the sainted Evie, has a number of features that I’m not really accustomed to. One of those is a clutch and gear lever, but we’ll draw a veil over that for now, and concentrate on the range meter.

If you’ve never seen one of these, it’s part of the dashboard, and combines the amount of fuel in the tank, with the average consumption, to give the distance you’ll be able to drive before refilling. It’s quite useful – I’d never have left Hertfordshire yesterday without filling up, were it not for the friendly “226 miles fuel remaining” notification.

It can be a bit confusing though – it works from the current average fuel consumption, which of course is better at some times than others. Which has the effect that you start your journey, having done some “round the town” driving, with 226 miles left, and after 20 miles on the motorway you’ve still got 226 miles left.

I love technology!

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