Sca Fell

England’s highest mountain is Sca Fell Pike, at 3209 feet above sea level. And yesterday we climbed it, picking up three caches on the way!

We chose a different route from the one we recce’d last year: that’s kind of the point of the recce. That route had long flat-ish stretches, interspersed with steep, horrible climbs: The one we chose yesterday was just an unrelenting climb, which didn’t vary much from the one-in-five gradient all the way. We thought that was better, as at least, broadly speaking, the terrain was better.

Better yet than that, when we got to the top, there was a view! Apparently that’s really rare, normally the summit is shrouded in low cloud. The cloud had been lifting all morning as we were climbing, and just as we reached the top the last of it blew away and we could see the Irish Sea, and…um…lots of things that were further away. Just because we could see them doesn’t mean we knew what they were! Oh, and Rob’s mobile phone logged on to Vodafone Isle of Man as being the strongest available signal.

And then we made our way down, and picked up two easy drive-by caches on our way back to the cottage, bringing the day’s total to five. Nice one.

Photos when I have a decent bandwidth connection…probably when we get home!

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