In-sewer-ants, and Other Things

I settled on Tesco Car Insurance in the end: They weren’t quite the cheapest for the level of cover, but they give 40 cashback and Clubcard points, which swung it in their favour. Swiftcover were about the same price, but their online payment system was shi not very good, although their telephone finance people were very helpful and reassuring, and assured me that their system hadn’t cleaned out my bank account.

So now I’m on holiday, and Grunty is spending his last week in my ownership guarding the doors of Sally-J’s garage – we’ve gone in her car this time. And by the time this appears online, we’ll either be safely ensconced in Holly Cottage (or in the John Peel, next door but one), or motionless in a horrendous traffic jam on the M6. Only time will tell :-)

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