Since Sunday I have mostly been looking at car insurance.

The last thing I’m going to do is ring my current insurers and get a quote from them – then I can suck my breath noisily and say “Ooh, I got a much better price from somewhere else”, and see what happens – although at the moment there doesn’t seem to be much to choose between most of them.

One website had me scratching my head: on the “driver details” page, it asks “Do you drive any other vehicles?”. As I’m a named driver on Purple Fred’s car insurance, and I’m a truthful fellow, I answered “yes”. Two screens later, it asks “Do you drive a company car?” and “Do you own any other cars” – and I answered “no” to both of those.

It wouldn’t let me go any further – the website isn’t set up to accept people driving cars that aren’t company cars and don’t belong to them. But there must be loads of people who are named on the insurance of other people’s cars – friends, partners, parents or whatever. I can’t believe those insurers are deliberately avoiding those drivers’ business so it must be an oversight.

It doesn’t really matter – I pretended I owned PF’s car for the sake of getting a guideline price, and they were fifty quid dearer that their nearest competitor. So I’m not inclined to struggle to explain the situation to their call centre.

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