Terry and Chris

So Sir Terry of Wogan is to quit his Radio 2 breakfast show, and be replaced by Chris Evans.

I’ve never been Wogan’s biggest fan – I think he’s a bit of a prat really – but I like the music profile of his show, and I can’t see that surviving under Evans. Predictably the silver-haired brigade that make up Wogan’s fanbase are complaining and saying they won’t be tuning in, although I don’t suppose that’s much surprise to anyone.

Personally I can’t decide if this decision by BBC bosses is brave or stupid. Evans will certainly attract a younger audience, and the older generation haven’t been Radio 2’s key target audience for some time. But that slot between the soporific tedium of Sarah Kennedy, and the gentle fun of Ken Bruce, would seem to be more naturally filled by something less brash than Evans – and come to that, something less brash than Wogan.

It’ll be interesting to see how much of the Wogan format remains. But somehow I’ve got a feeling that Chris Evans gently teasing Rabbi Lionel Blue in the introduction to “Thought for the Day” isn’t going to work.

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