Well, I made it back…the taxi driver for the return trip seemed to be a bit more alert, so that was OK.

As I hinted in Sunday’s teaser, I need to get a more comfortable saddle for my bike, but other than that it’s proving pretty usable. I took it to New Wine with me – folded, it fits in the caravan a treat, and it proved pretty useful there. I even cycled it to a cache, although it might well have been quicker to walk! Since I got back, I’ve been using it to cycle between the office and Waterloo station.

Apart from the saddle issue, it’s OK – it folds and unfolds quickly and easily, and in the folded configuration fits easily onto the train without occupying a bike space. Oh, and it fits easily into the back of PF’s car as well :-) . I’ve bought some battery operated lights, because the dynamo lights that came with it weren’t too impressive, other than that it works pretty well as supplied.

Cycling in London is fine (so far!). There’s an impressive network of cycle lanes and waymarked cycle routes to get you around without mixing it with the worst of the traffic, and there’s more or less unlimited cycle parking at work. Once the legs get used to the pedalling, I’ll try for a few lunchtime caches by bike ;-)

Overall, a purchase I’m pretty happy with.

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